Monday, 26 October 2009

Yesterday, I went to see a performance art piece by the Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu class and Dance Company at the Palace of Fine Arts (my friend Kailani was one of the 260 dancers). They combine traditional polynesian/Hawaiian dance with comtemporary themes, music, and costume. It was quite a visual and audible experience.

Check out their webpage:

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  1. I checked out the website and saw a video. It was really interesting to see how they created their own music and rhythm through drumming, singing, and even through their own body movements.

    I definitely have hips, but I wish I knew how to move them like those dancers. They move them so fast and it looks incredibly awesome! Instead, I just look like I wobble and jiggle like untoned (if that's a word) jello -I better start hitting the gym...