Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hidden Art in my Closet

Earlier this week, I had to show pictures of some of my artwork that I have done in the past and I thought that I would share some of those photos with you. It was kind of interesting because I forgot about some of these pieces and I think they show a little of my versatility. These are all things I did a long time ago, so the quality may not necessarily be great, but I think they represent where I have come from as an artist as well as some of my interests and my personality.

I created this chair in 2003. The wings are made from plexiglass, and they can move side-to-side. The stinger was created from a broom stick. This is actually the chair that I use when I’m working and doing art in my studio.

Bumble Bee Chair



With a model to emphasize the stinger.
With the exception of the Bumble Bee Chair, all of my other pieces have been and continue to be archived in my closet. Sometimes you have to show the old stuff so people can see where you come from and how you’ve developed.
If you would like to see more pictures of some of my other old pieces, check out my blog:
Update: I’ll post pictures of my current pieces very soon. I’m still working on making objects for one of my paintings and it’s taking me a long time. The process is long, but I hope it will all work out.
Happy viewing,
Leslie Ann


  1. looks like you have a variety of interests, and thats makes me want to see MORE or your old work (i'm sure u have more hiding away some where!).

    It's nice to see versatility in ones work, even it is over a period of time.