Saturday, 10 October 2009

Leslie Becerra Telling Those M***f***rs Off!

It is clear that tamales are innately hot with creative intent. However, when they get released in the real world tension usually arises. In the pic above we see Leslie Becerra telling one of the bikers off at the Dirty Bird Lounge in Hayward. The reception which occurred at the same time of the incident was a success and lots of booze and pool play ensued.
Ok let me be a little more real with you all :D This experience was actually good. The work was hanging and I know it was the Verses series but it was fun to see them all together again on the wall.
In a way I felt like I was having a flashback and I was 21 again. It's so different now that I'm 23 (Most people are thinking "no it's not, it's only been 2 years" but it feels different explanation follows...) When I create art a lot more background comes into a brushstroke I choose to use or imagery I choose to use. It can be the same look but it means something more complex now. I also catch myself repeating parts of systems I often see in my work and it's not that I ran out of ideas but putting it in different contexts creates different content.
I'm probably not making much sense for most people so to sum it up I'm just going to say that having this show has opened my eyes on how far down the road I am now and how much further I can walk knowing that I've been walking in the right direction.
has anyone felt anything like this? please share in the comment section I'd love to hear and discuss :)


  1. That’s right, I’m Leslie Becerra! Great show, Victor!!! It was a lot of fun meeting new faces and seeing some of the Tamales! Your paintings also created a cool atmosphere in the bar -it was edgy, but very chic.

    I totally agree with what you’re saying about growth and maturity. I’ve known you for some time and I have seen how you’ve grown over the years -both artistically and as an individual.

    In order to start walking towards a new destination in life, one needs to take a turn away from the path that they have always been told was correct -this can also apply in how people find themselves in art. You may call this the first act of independence. Once the new path starts, all that one can do is decide if they should continue the new path they started or should they start making new ones. We all decide to make new ones, but it really comes down to whether or not we learned anything from our failures and successes. One should also keep in mind that despite starting our own paths, we never truly leave behind where we’ve started because all of our past experiences influence where we go in life -both personally and even how one has developed as an artist (whoa, this is becoming too philosophical for a blog comment -I apologize).

    In regards to acknowledging that you've been "walking in the right direction" all along, I think that’s a great realization! You have great dedication to your art, you're becoming more aware of your influences and inspirations, and you’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you succeed at what you’re doing. I’m glad you still have that spirit and I know that it will take you further in your quest as an artist and through your personal journey as an individual.

    Viewers, if you haven’t had the chance to check out the Dirty Bird Lounge, you still have time! It will be worth your visit!

  2. Well, lets not forget, that ones character is (completely?) based on ones past experiences. Thus we ARE the sum of our experiences.

    Victor, I'm actually really in awe of you successes. You really have gone above the crowd to really sell your work and make yourself known. I wish I could say the same but I seem to be nervous about my work. I don't really feel confident enough to show it /push it out there into the main stream. However having you around really is nice, it shows me what's possible.

    Even though its only been 2 years, your hard work does show.