Thursday, 15 October 2009

Salazar Update!

Here's a little montage of the pictures I've been taking of the latest painting I'm working on. There's actually more on it now but I'll post it when it's done. I'm not sure what I'll do for the next painting but I'm thinking of using more materials to have these characters in a different light. I think I might go back to the abstract drawings for now because I miss them and I think they miss me. They are like plants you forget to water then they get mad at you.

I also did this sketch of Courtney Love in my break from working at Togonon Gallery. I'm an intern there. I love Courtney I tried to emphasize the plastic surgery and complex personality this woman has.


  1. I like your montage of pictures and the playful, circular motif on the clothing. The outfit looks almost edible, like one of those colorful M&M cookies. I remember your ink drawings from class about two or three quarters ago and you're work has an intriguing, fashionable edge. You should continue with this latest painting series and see where it takes you. They really are sophisticated.

    I think Courtney's eyes in this drawing really emphasize her complexity. There's a soft but wild sense about them. Nice.


  2. thanks liz! and welcome ha! I remember those ink drawings as well. They were so dramatic! I did them when I was fascinated with the fabric and repetitive patterns. In a way they found themselves into my recent work and I try to emphasize repetition with subtle differences in most of my work. I don't' if you notice (or can see very well) that there some brown "empty" circles on the top part of the dress. I wanted it to feel like the candy was moving or was moved.

    I took the shine out of one eye for Courtney.

    Can't wait to see your post!


  3. Ha ha, I love Courtney Love! It’s funny that you posted that because I almost impulsively purchased a Hole CD late Thursday night. Did you have a picture that you were basing it on or did you just do it from "memory?" That left eye looks like a glass eye and makes her have a crazed look! It’s awesome!

    I love how you made your montage really personal in an artistic perspective. What I mean by that is you can tell that these pieces were created by the same artist who also created the Versus paintings and the Sharpie drawings. I think that artists, especially those who are early in their art careers or those who try to master the Versatile Artist title, become afraid or even lost when they attempt to make a piece of art that is in a different medium, style, or context. I always want to see Versatile Artists incorporate their different mediums or styles into one piece, because I think it shows another level of creativity for the artist based on how they mentally can conceptualize and assemble a story or piece that makes sense -I think it’s a difficult task that can be failed quite easily.

    I like how you added the drawings to the missing head spaces. They are drawings that we have seen in your Sharpies series that consist of the same forms and shapes. The figures’ dresses and limbs also carry the spirit of your painting style from Versus, which involves playing with texture and shapes. I also noticed that you did not just duplicate the same body multiple times and then just randomly add the drawings to the bodies. You modified the colors, brushstrokes, and layout for each one -it’s subtle, but it also makes the drawings tie in so it looks more like a complementary piece rather than something purely random and without much thought. It’s those little details that I think a lot of people forget about when they try to combine different mediums and styles together.

    Using the same forms and shapes from your Sharpies series also humanizes or creates a character that people should identify and know. People who have seen the Sharpies could look at these pieces and be like, "I recognize that. It’s from the drawing series." That’s great, because you’re almost forcing people to feel like they need to see or familiarize themselves with your previous work in order to understand the next series. In a way, each series becomes a continuing story for both your artwork and for yourself as an artist -they all represent where you started, how you’ve developed, and where you’re going with the next series. Awesome tricks!