Friday, 23 October 2009

I finished it!

Here's the finished painting! It's actually 94% finished there's some things I might change about the color. I think I'll be doing one more of these portraits and then collect objects to assemble into a surface to paint on. I was thinking of going to yard sales and seeing if there's any furniture worth reusing. It would be awesome if I found a blackboard :) I'm not sure when I'll be done with this series but it will take quite sometime. If you were wondering, the bigger paintings will have more narrative than these portraits.


  1. Wow, Victor! I love the colors! I also like how the balloon head has depth to it. You really made it look three-dimensional. How was the balloon part created? Did you paint it with acrylic or did you use pen and gesso? Another thing I really like is your overall composition of the figure. Because you didn’t outline the figure in crisp lines, she looks like she’s moving -love that too!

    If you’re looking for garage sales, you should come down to my place because the whole complex is having one this weekend, lol!!! There are recycling places that give things to artists (you may have to pay at some places, but I think it’s still reasonably priced). SF is a hot spot for artists looking for garbage. I’m actually going to check some places out because I need other people’s garbage for some of my art pieces. Check out Recycle Works ( and you might find some interesting sources. We should make a field trip out of it -to the dumpsters, we go!

  2. that's a wonderful idea! tamales at the dumpsters of SF. We should check it out after work on wednesday or something.

  3. I like how your figure becomes transparent, especially at the head, and every element has a looseness to it. Did you use vellum or some sort of transparent paper? Have you decided what the narratives will be yet? I agree with Leslie, the colors are just awesome! :)

    YaY dumpsters!