Monday, 21 September 2009


here's the recent work i've done on the piece. i think i'll take Victor's advice and put more sheets together to make a really huge one, but i feel i should finnish this page completely before i move on.


  1. This is amazing work. I like seeing all the details and it seems like hours well spent. I like some empty spaces around the abstraction because it gives me room to breathe. When you add more paper make sure you think about the overall composition. It's kind of like building a castle out of a stack of cards but when you finish it you'll feel the best feeling!

    I changed the title banner what do you think? :)

  2. I saw the banner change! heheh its like a crazy fiesta of awesomeness :) Did you draw it, photoshop it or what?

    Hmm...the white space....i was panning to fill everything up, but i have been contemplating the "overall" composition myself, and if the white space works i can use that to my advantage. Cool, thanks for the comments, it keeps me on my toes....!

  3. I did it in illustrator, downloaded the font online then exploded the O. You can fill up the whole page but you gotta be careful because you don't want it to look like one of those kid art boards kids color with markers you know? if you cover the whole page and I kind of expect the extra pages to be different in some way.

  4. Wow! You can really see the transformation from your first post. I like how it appears to be a biology/environmental theme. You can see biomorphic shapes, feathers, crystals, and what looks like anatomical images of epidermis, intestines, and other cells. Personally, I like the science look because science appeals to me (but then again, I openly admit that I am a nerd).

    I noticed that you make everything very clean and your pen-work (if that’s a word) is even and almost flawless. What kind of pens and ink are you using? For the bigger areas, are you filling them in with pen strokes or are you painting them in?

    I think it’s coming out very nicely. Keep up the tedious work!