Monday, 14 September 2009


Ok this is really quick post before I have to leave for work!

I'm trying to fill up this whole 18x24 inch space with drawings, all in black and white. It has taken many hours to reach this point, and I still have many to go, but its been a rewarding and fun experience. I hope that I can to several "fill the whole page" pieces. Tell me what you think, does it need to pop more, be bolder in certain areas or what. DO NOT CENSOR YOURSELF, I'm really curious to see if it's working as a piece or not. Thanks!


  1. I like the details and the facts that it's black and white. I was a bit sad when I saw that it's just 18x24 and i think you can make it a lot bigger by adding more paper. If I saw a huge thing of just patter that was about 6'x 8' or something I'd think it was bolder and with more intent. I would also try to interweave some of the patterns.
    But I think your work is strong in the aspect of how much of it we see. Like I remember your pencil drawings and they are really awe-some because of the amount of time you spent of them and we can see that because every little stroke on the surface. Since this is mostly done with big markers and smaller markers it loses that kind of obsessive nature that the pencils have. So I guess adding more paper and more of the same shape would bring that back.
    This piece in particular is not about anything else except hard work. And that's not a bad thing. There are tons of artists who strive on hard work but their work is either very big or extremely intricate and this piece is just the start of it.

  2. hmm, i can add more paper easily and make it huge. tho i'll admit that i thought 18 x 24 was quite large!

    the piece is done with small gel ink pens so it takes awhile to fill everything in, but i am trying to make it look and feel obsessive (i.e hard work), and the only way to truly achieve that would be to make it tons bigger.

    I think that i'm trying to reach back to my pencil drawings in various ways, like with the bones series that had the pen and ink work..i just hope i can do it in a creative and interesting way. i want people to WANT to look at these, get lost in them and appreciate the many shapes and designs.

  3. I see what you want to achieve. Size will make a difference and it will make it bolder but you need to be engaged in it and that's where the challenge lies. It's easy to see when something has become boring and you've been alienated by your work. When you add more paper go for exploring your composition a little more and asking yourself questions as you go. It's easy to spot a pattern and think "ok so she liked 8"x16" and she repeated it." In some cases that is fine but I think in this case it's a little different.

    I can tell you haven't gotten bored yet with this piece because you have added different patterns and such. And you left some space to turn all of this into a shape and you used bold circle like shapes near the bottom of the page. All of these decisions enticed you to continue but it's only a 18x24 (It's small!) and I know you can do it bigger. BUT KEEP THE SAME INTEREST! dont' forget to amuse yourself.

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes either there's always a way to correct them.

    The imagery you use is very beautiful and seems to be like a tail of an unknown creature. It feels very oceanic.

  4. By the way discussions about artwork should be this big y'all!

    The more we talk the more we learn about art :D