Monday, 7 September 2009

I finished it

I just finished (not really there are little details i need to attend to) the painting I previously posted.  I've been writing a lot in my journal and I tried to figure out moments in my life where I was more off the earth than others.  It was kind of a journey and I if I could I'd split myself into different people.  I'm still deciding whether to go anywhere with this or not but it seems like something I personally would want.  Like a catharsis of some sort.  How do you guys feel about this painting?


  1. I like the rich colors. It creates a mood that feels "deep" -it even absorbs you into the overwhelming blues and greens near the figure's face, which then leads you to the facial expression that conveys deep thought. What’s also interesting is the hand on the figure’s shoulder. It has exaggeratedly stiff, boney, and almost rigor mortis-like fingers that create some sort of anxiety, frustration, or insecurity being expressed by the figure (maybe it’s just not complete yet, but it builds a lot of character).

    If you’re going to continue painting, it would be interesting to see what you would do with a whole figure –you know, with legs. I would like to see your approach to it because I think it would enhance the figure’s emotions. Your use of cool and warm colors would really make great and interesting illustrations depicting your journey of self-realization or whatever your journey may be.

  2. You definitely seem as if your "floating" in thought. The abstracted head looks like its stretched, and pulling away from what's holding it down (i.e. the body) but you seem to be alright with this detachment from reality (if that is indeed what your inspiration was).

    Continuing off what Leslie was saying about the hand, it is kinda strange, very inflexible compared to its surroundings. Is that reality or the world calling you back, or did it never let you go in first place?

  3. it's supposed to be in deep thought with a splash of concern :o

  4. It is about another world in a way. Inner worlds inside me :D

    Vagina spiders!