Monday, 10 August 2009

Here's a teaser of one of the pieces that I'm going to include into the "zeitgeist" show.

This is a photo showing just one component of the whole artwork. I was experimenting with this piece but I also had a a basis of what I wanted before I started. WHat I thought was interesting while I was working on this piece, was that I was discovering and adding a lot to the piece while I was making it. That's one thing about art-making that is intriguing to me.

Sorry that I can't post the pictures of the final piece, but if you can make it to autobody fine arts gallery in Alameda on the 21st then you'll be able to see it and plenty of other artist's works.
Let me go ahead and post the link for that show.

Hope you can make it.


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  1. You are letting your artwork speak to you! It would be interesting if your art progressively became more spontaneous and loose. When you respond to things while creating a piece of artwork you also create a relationship to it and that's when you know what it needs. For some reason the most I respond to things that happen on paper while working on something the more alive it seems to me.