Wednesday, 5 August 2009


So I tried out some Xylol (am emulsifier) today, md the results were very disappointing. I was hoping to get nice bold and clear results from the rubbings but I only got some very light and grainy transfers.

I was going to use this technique to create a neat collage effect with some cut outs i made, but I'll have to try something else now. All is not lost though, I can still draw over this and use some water colours or acrylic washes to bring some life into my idea.

By the way! I discovered a *new* drawing technique! I can draw on cheap tracing paper and then colour over it with markers and use a colourless blender to melt the colours together creating a "watercolour" effect. After that, I draw over the marker with coloured pencil and create extremely bold highlights. When the object is placed on top of a white or black background, it glows and pops off the paper; it's pretty neat!


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  1. Ooh! Your new drawing discovery sounds exciting! Are you going to show us some of those drawings? It sounds like it could work nicely with your koi series.