Tuesday, 18 August 2009


More progress with my Koi and Fish theme! As you may have known, I have an interest in Kirigami and other kinds of paper cutting. Being able to make detailed and intricate works from paper is a challenge, and its really engaging, drawing with a knife! So, for inspiration I started looking at the Chinese traditional art of Jianzhi, as well as other forms from all over the world.

Here are some examples of paper cuttings that I've done recently. The red fish was my first one, done on origami paper. The black and white fish was 2nd, and I used black Artigan paper for that one.


  1. omg this so looks like the stencil i made from illustrator. If you want i can run you through making vectors then you can cut up mean looking kirigamis. Hit me up sometime ;0

  2. YES! I have photoshop, but not Illustrator. When I saw your vector drawing I was thinking along he lines of stencils or cutouts...I just gotta remember to make everything connect so the pictures stays intact :)

  3. These are really beautiful. I've never heard of Kirigami paper cutting, but your work looks similar to Japanese woodblock printing. I'm currently working on a series of oil painting on koi and it's nice to see other creative interpretations. They're fascinating little creatures. :)

    I'm Liz by the way. I'm new to the blog. :)