Monday, 5 July 2010

New Stuff...

Here is the first done in a series I'm working on right now. I haven't titled it because I'm waiting to finnish the others, you'll see why later.


  1. I like the drawings a lot more although this one is good as well. It seems like you've slowed down the impact a bit with the monochromatic like choice of color scheme and cropped out feel of it. IT's like a neverending trance song, make it bigger :D!

    I wonder if more of those pornorific chinese scums are gonna post in the comment section again lol

  2. lol yea what is up with those weird postings!?

    Anyhow, you like the black and white drawings more?

    As far as the colors go, skin and the wound areas really only end up certain colors, lots of pinks and reds. I think it will work out though because when the others are done, they will be similar in color and feel.

    I like the trance song analogy, it does have a slow burn feel to it and thats good, especially when i work out my titles, i have something special in mind, i just hope that it will work out!