Sunday, 24 January 2010


I went on a field trip for digital photograpy to 49 Geary to see some galleries and take a bunch of shots around Union Square. My professor wanted us to capture the reflections of buildings. We came across these mannequins in a display window and I thought they were interesting, so I took some shots incorporating some of the reflections. Later, I fixed them up with photoshop. Enjoy! ;)


  1. It looks so sad. Like they wish they could get out of the display and interact with the city since they are always dressed up and made up. IRONY!

  2. this photos have so much life, they seem to be kinetic somehow. The reflections really push the static mannequins into a busy and chaotic world. Like Victor stated, the girls are ready but frozen among the swirling chaos! Nice work

  3. Thanks! I like the reflections too. They do look lonely.