Saturday, 4 July 2009

Oakland Art Murmur and 49 Geary

We visited 49 Geary and Oaklandartmurmur openings this weekend and it was a lot of fun.  Although I didn't find many interesting shows in either one of the events there were definately some artists that stood out for me.  In 49 Geary I really enjoyed all the work in the Jack Fisher Gallery  by John M Mcgregor but I was really impressed with the work in Mark Wolfe Contemporary gallery.  The show 1981 pervert really surprised me and it was fresh seeing new media art being produced in that scale with the vintage colors and pin-up women.  It was a nice clash of many opposing things like sophistication of the patterns and naivety of the subjects and in many moments a morph of the two.  In Oakland we decide to wear masks and walk around.  At one point me and Apryl decided to join the group of dancing people in front of the Buzz gallery since everyone went crazy after hearing a Michael Jackson  song.  Tony felt sorry because he scared a lot of children that day with his devil mask which was not well received by 
Christian children.

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  1. oh man! looks like u guys had fun. I'm glad it tuned out so well. Last time i went to the Oakland Murmur is was so crowed I couldn't walk anywhere!