Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm Working with Some Duralar

Currently I'm working on these duralar pieces (Same material I used to make my headdress in the previous post).  They are very interesting because you can create all kinds of dimensions with the unfocused look of the second piece that sits in the back.  I'm thinking about making one that's shaped like a blimp that slowly fades out of focus the farther it extends back in the paper.  And I want to write    " G E N I U S " on top of it.  There are these things I wanna write on them because they just come to me when I'm working.  It may sound naive and egotistical I suppose but it's my first reaction and I guess it's influenced  by all I know about the process of art making, sometimes buying and selling as well from what I hear from most people.  Some of the work does not include these "quotes"  because I made them on the impulse of just making something because I felt something.  Something that led to do my work that day.

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  1. I like how it looks like it's fading away in the background. Nice!