Sunday, 14 February 2010


Alrighty folks, my friend Fraggle (yes thats his name....or at least he wont tell anyone his real name so...) has just opened up a store/bar in downtown Oakland called BEER REVOLUTION. He is currently looking for any kind of free advertising so I mentioned having an art show for us TAMALES! This is a win win situation if we can pull it off, we get exposure and he can draw in people. This place does get busy in the evening time, so that means people will see the work.
I would like to get some feed back on this from you guys and when things get serious we can (all?) take a trip down there to check out the space and talk with Fraggle in person. Let me know what your guys think!




  1. this is awesome! WE sould all meet at the end of the month to discuss this and see what happens. If you are in please email me, i'll try to pick a tamales date

  2. Cool! This is definitely awesome! I'm in. We should all meet and discuss. :)

  3. When is a good day for everyone? I think that a good time to meet would be within the first week in March (btw march 1-8). Let me know if this works for everyone...