Sunday, 29 November 2009


Here's a pic of one of my latest works. It's pens and sharpies but I'm using a different style and making it seem more painterly. I think it looks hardcore. I'm painting this way because I have been under a lot of pressure and I have deadlines and in some way I feel like my world is melting. Everything is caving in and I"m inside a huge void! Help me!!!! Don't worry I'm ok lol :)


  1. deadlines..? for what! im curious!

    Anyhow, i like this octopus shape, and i think using pens to make a "painting" is an interesting idea. I'm guessing this goes with the pen and sharpies group?

    did you use TURP to bleed to colours?

  2. Deadlines:

    UCLA, Substitute teaching forms, CHRISTMAS!!!, and figuring out the rest of my art life (shows and etc)

    I just used water while the markers were "PHRESH". TURP would be breaking the rules but would probably work as well. I wanna make one entirely black so it looks like ink. I think it'll come out super nice.

  3. This is really nice. I like how some of the pen markings are more transparent then others. (gives variation and balance). The pen work does look like its melting or slowly dissipating. Is it finished or still in progress? You might like the look of black India ink, especially if you want to make one entirely black. I used to use it a lot to make ink washes and solid ink drawings.
    Don't get too stressed out. Sometimes pressures and deadlines can inhibit creativity immensely (at least it does for me).

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  5. applying for graduate school? And what's this about substitute teaching?

  6. I like how your pens and sharpies are becoming more three-dimensional. It shows that despite restricting yourself to everyday-working-citizen tools, you are able to fool people into believing that this may have been done in watercolor or some other traditional media.

    I really like the motion from the peppermint object. It looks like you worked on that more due to the care and penmanship. It also reminds me of those things that have electricity or something and when you put your hand or finger on the ball the electrical waves follow you (I don't know what they're called and I don't know if that made any sense).