Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Continuing The Saga...

Hello everyone, here's an update on what I've been latley with my art.

I've been experiementing with paper cutouts. Kirigami has really been interesting for me and I've evolved my work to include other shapes (besides mandelas, stars and flowers), and layering them on drawn or other cutout backgrounds. I'm focusing on Koi for the time being, but I feel this could expand to other things. It has been really fun and I like the hands on crafty feel of it. I'll get some pics up soon so don't cry!


So here is one of the projects I just finished.."swimming koi" (23" x 10") Paper cutouts


  1. what;s that in the background? what kind of pattern?

  2. yeah, it's some paper i found that has a brown background and tan/light blue oval pattern on it. it looks really complicated when next to the character paper, but i liked the contrast.